Crisis management

What is a crisis and crisis management?

The crisis is any event or series of events, after which threatens serious negative impacts on the organization, financial results, brand, reputation or relationships with employees, customers or suppliers.

Corporate crisis can be defined as the imbalance in one of its subsystems, which may jeopardize the achievement of the objectives of the company or even threaten its continued existence.

Research has shown that the average firm can expect to face a crisis every four to five years.

If early recognition dislike crisis management and the elimination of interference, it does not lead to a deepening of the crisis, which končívá to the demise of the company.

Crisis management (from English. Crisis management) - the term CM is in Czech literature translated as crisis management or crisis management. Both concepts reflect both the management of a business for the duration of problematic situations threatening the integrity and economic stability. The most frequently on economics, personal, organizational or otherwise difficult situations in which there is a cessation of downward curve development crisis in the first stable position, then the upward direction.

From a broader perspective, crisis management, companies use as a preventive tool is already in risk assessment, which may be a potential cause of the crisis. From a closer perspective of crisis management, companies can be understood as a system of principles and tools applied to actively led the company to handle the crisis and affected companies and the extraction path for further development. Integral part of managing a crisis situation is to understand the source of the crisis, their typology and systematisation of the cause.

The basic guidelines for crisis management organization is:

  • Identification of the actual causes of the crisis,
  • Appointment of crisis management,
  • Short-centralization of powers in his hands,
  • Implementation of complex recovery measures.

Crisis management can in principle have two different objectives:

  1. Revitalize the organization - to make such a set of measures designed to prevent the disappearance of the firm. The criterion usually maintain employment.
  2. Liquidate the enterprise - to take steps which will permit the deletion from the Commercial Register. Criterion are obtained funds.

What services do we offer?

In crisis management focuses on all major fields of operation - sales, marketing, quality management, cost management, cash-flow problems of payables and receivables, investment financing, information systems business, personnel matters, use or sale of unused assets, restructuring companies, creation of subsidiaries and joint ventures, ...

The result of our work is when their management is clearly divided and defined tasks and is able to solve the long-term prosperity and profits.

If interested in co-operation is recommended to its partners in the first stage of processing a brief analysis of the current situation of the company, which includes the identification of areas that we recommend to solve independently, with the definition of the fundamental goals of development strategy and defining the necessary interventions in the running and management companies. In a very short time make a complete economic and financial analysis and to suggest ways of further development company ...

Possibilities of cooperation with our company:

  • Achieving a crisis manager or the management
  • Consultation and advice in this area
  • Professional supervision of company management
  • Analyze the overall corporate position with regard to aspects of economic, financial and legal
  • The optimal solution
  • Professional supervision over implementation of specified address
  • If necessary, to ensure funds