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Michal Wygrys has many years of experience in developing, managing and strategic planning in a variety of companies.

In the 1990s he helped to build a beverage division of Walmark a.s., where he gradually ascended to the position of the Manager of Food Division. During his term in the office, created and developed was the brand name Relax, which is still number One in the Czech and Slovak market in fruit juices and beverages. During the Walmark's dynamic growth he became member of the Board of Directors of the entire company and was in charge of the acquisition of Fontea, a.s. In 2004, already as a minority shareholder, he participated in the sale of assets of the Food Division to the Polish group Maspex, whose annual turnover is about 11 billion Polish zlotys. In this company he then held for two years the position of Manager for Czech Republic and Slovakia, and carried out its major restructuring.

In 2008 he was asked by Benson Oak, an investment group, to help stabilise by means of crisis management the Lublin company Zaklady Chemiczne Permedia traded on the Polish Stock Exchange, which belonged to the Bochemie group of companies. In 2012 he entered into an agreement to buy a controlling interest in this company, which he shortly afterwards withdrew from the stock exchange. Over the course of the following years he gradually paid out other shareholders and in 2018 acquired 100% of the company's equity. During his engagement the company reached the TOP 3 in the Central European Region. In mid-2019 he sold this Polish manufacturing company, or rather its parent, MW Chemie, s.r.o., to Polish company LERG S.A., owned by Marian Kwiecień, a Polish billionaire.